Equipment Index

Tanks and Silos


All kinds of tanks and silos to contain diverse products, in different industrial applications.

We carry out the structural calculation, design, manufacture and commissioning of tanks for liquids and silos for solids. We are specialists in stainless steel tanks, with volumes from 1 to 50,000 liters.

We manufacture all kinds of tanks:

  • Isothermal tanks
  • Storage and process tanks
  • Stirred tanks
  • Mixing tanks
  • Pressure reactors.
  • Weighing tanks with load cells
  • Cased tanks, for recirculation of heating / cooling medium (optionally, with an insulation sleeve)

In addition:

  • We manufacture pressure vessels according to standard regulations.
  • We carry out agitation studies of your processes in tanks.
  • We have extensive experience in sanitary tanks and reactors, with integrated agitation, instrumentation, weighing and cleaning systems, meeting the highest quality standards (FDA, 3A, and so on).

Process Engineering and custom turnkey projects


Tell us your necessities and our team of engineers will assist you in shaping the specific solution for your requirements. We are specialists in creating customized solutions in a multitude of processes.

Some examples of turnkey projects:

  • Automated dissolution of diatomaceous earth in olive oil
  • Reduction of Brix degrees in concentrated juice line
  • Dissolving and mixing minor solids for toothpaste
  • Heavy dissolution and dosage of colorants in chocolate

We can complete this type of project from its conceptualization to manufacture and commissioning. Consult us without obligation


Solid handling


We offer a solution in solid handling processes


  • Unloading of large bags. The emptying is carried out by means of unloading equipment with a lifting system, which positions the large bag vertically in the unloading module. The operation is safe and semi-automatic.
  • Unloading of bags in a clean atmosphere. Safe discharge without emission of dust into the atmosphere.
  • Cisterns discharge. For the reception of bulk products, we design the facilities for silos and pipes appropriate to the working conditions of the different products to be stored.
  • Storage, either in hoppers or silos.
  • Weighing. Silos can be equipped with load cells to control the stored material and the reception of raw materials.
  • Dust extraction. By installing cartridge or sleeve filters, with self-cleaning capacity.
  • Pneumatic transport. Our engineers will design the pneumatic conveying system for your product, and will select the most suitable system, using either vacuum or positive pressure. The transport is carried out in completely watertight media, so there are no environmental emissions of any kind. We design our own proprietary patented dispensers, which combine screw dispensing with pneumatic conveying, capable of dispensing various solids with different rheological properties at speeds ranging from a few grams per minute to kilograms per minute. Various solids with different rheological properties.

If the project requires it, all the equipment is made in compliance with ATEX/IECEx explosions regulations.

Spindles and endless conveyors


We have developed our own calculation software, with which we can meet practically any demand.


We design, manufacture and supply:

  • Spindles with different propellers (single, double, without central axis, and so on)
  • Horizontal and vertical spindles and with different inclination angles
  • Melting spindles, with double heating jacket, to load material in a solid state and melt it through the spindle itself, discharging the material in a liquid state
  • Spindles for precise volumetric dosing
  • Auxiliary loading and unloading hoppers, with the possibility of adding load cells for weighing


Our spindles are manufactured to meet criteria of excellence in quality and are designed for an optimal and agile extraction of their components for cleaning and maintenance. Our entire range of spindles has a hygienic and sanitary execution.

Heat exchanges


Our engineering team has extensive experience in the field of heat exchange, which has allowed us to perfect our own development of corrugated shell-tube exchangers.

We have the calculation software, the experience and the manufacturing capacity to meet practically any market demand.

We manufacture the exchangers, with a hygienic design for easy and optimal maintenance, including a mobile head to quickly extract the tube package.

The biggest advantages of corrugated pipe are:

  • The high turbulence generated by the corrugation favors CIP cleaning
  • The higher heat exchange coefficients mean that the exchangers have a smaller surface area, which is advantageous both for the shorter residence time of the product and for the lower cost of the exchanger, especially with those made of special materials (special stainless steel, titanium, and so on)

We manufacture different configurations of corrugated tube:

  • Monotubular
  • Multitubular
  • Triple tube, removable for inspection and cleaning

The typical applications are:

  • CIP
  • Pasteurization
  • Heat treatments

Heat treatment


We create equipment adapted for processes that require heat treatment.

We manufacture equipment and facilities for pasteurization and heat treatment. Optionally, we manufacture according to FDA standards.

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of integrated systems with plate heat exchangers.

Tubular heat exchanger, for viscous products, or those that are especially difficult to transfer.

Equipment for thermization, UHT or sterilization, if the process requires it.

The level of automation of the equipment is variable, from semi-automatic, integrated control with touch screen, or SCADA equipment with traceability system.


Pilot systems


Pilot systems for laboratory tests, as well as scale equipment for different machines and projects.


  • Laboratory dosing tests
  • Pilot equipment for cosmetics
  • Miniaturization of processes, at scale for trials and tests

Mixing tests, equipped with a static mixer

CIP cleaning system


We have extensive experience in the design, calculation and manufacture of CIP systems for your equipment or factory, fully finished, turnkey and adapted to your needs.

The design of these systems is carried out while taking into account its process engineering and the Sinner Diagram, which regulates the effectiveness of the different actors in the cleaning process.


Whether you need to clean pipes, a tank, or an entire factory, we supply the necessary equipment to carry out the correct cleaning of your facilities.

We have carried out centralized CIP, including the different tanks for cleaning agents (mains water, soda, acid and recovered water), as well as the choice of pumps, valves, instrumentation and pipes.

Benefits of having an automatic CIP system in the plant include:

  • Water savings, since the necessary consumption is adjusted according to the program design and times for each phase, using the same amount for each tank that is cleaned. Different cleaning cycles can be done (rinses, full cleaning, sweeps …)
  • Detergent savings (soda or acid), since it allows the recovery of a large part of the cleaning solution, because it does not run into the drain and because several tanks can be washed with the same detergent solution.
  • Reduction of the risk of accidents, since the handling of chemicals is carried out safely, through dosing by pump, not manually.
  • Repeatability of the processes. It guarantees that the cleanings are identical in each cycle; by having the necessary instrumentation, the process is automated.

In the case of CIP for cleaning various equipment types, we design and supply the necessary valve matrix to achieve all possible combinations and simultaneous cleaning at different points.

We also help you select the cleaning head and the most suitable arrangement on your equipment, by simulating the impact of cleaning in 3D.

Consult with us and we will be happy to assist you in achieving more efficient cleaning in your facility.

Cold and hot water / glycol generation


In industry there are many applications that require the use of cooling / heating media, either to heat or to cool a fluid that will be used in a production process.

With the process data, we will calculate the necessary cooling / heating capacity, flow rates, temperatures, etc. in order to correctly size the equipment.

We have the necessary know-how to meet the majority of demands in heating and cooling processes, whether simple or complicated applications.

We supply the turnkey project, with all the necessary mechanical elements, as well as the electrical installation, electrical control panel and PLC / HMI, if any.

Applications include:

  • Skid for generating cold glycol water at 1ºC, for a chocolate factory
  • Skid for generating softened and treated water, with various independent circuits at different temperatures, for generating hot water for double pipe jackets
  • Complex generation and filtration system for generating hot water for food processing.

Belt and mesh conveyors


We supply complete lines of conveyors (straight, curved) in stainless steel, both band and mesh.

We fabricate modular and bucket belt conveyors to raise or lower the product between two points at different heights.

We also design and manufacture load cell conveyors, which can be used for dosing or weight control systems.

Applications include:

  • Mesh conveyor for the food industry
  • Bucket elevators
  • Set of conveyors for transport and weighing, supported on load cells, prior to the dosing of the material in another machine. Powered by servomotor
  • Cooling during transport, through cooling tunnels or similar


Valve matrices


In processes in which simultaneous CIP cleaning and product transfer are required, without mixing them, double seat valves are used, which have a double safety seal and avoid mixtures. These valves are also called “Mixproof”.

In many applications it is very common to require transfer of a fluid to another determined number of points of destination from several points of origin. To manage all these origin-destination combinations, valve matrices are used.

The complexity of cleaning the valve matrix pipes in parallel must also be taken into account, without interfering with a possible simultaneous transport of the product.

The design and manufacture of the valve dies and all the material that surrounds the process (which can be turnkey, if required), is one of our most common tasks, which makes us your ideal partner, as experts in the field.

Skids and mixing and dosing equipment


Whether you require in-line or batch mixing, whether liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, or solid-solid mixture, we can shape it and design a totally adapted solution.

We have a multitude of mounted mixing and dosing systems, either as an independent mixing system or as a turnkey project, including tanks, pipes, valves, electrical panel and programming.

To support certain in-line mixing processes, we have a patented, hygienic, high-efficiency, self-cleaning and easily removable in-line mixer.

Applications include:

  • Mixing of sugar and cocoa powders in a fluid bed using saturated steam
  • Controlled and heavy dosage of additives, previously homogenized in a mixing tank, to later be injected and mixed by a static mixer to the main fluid line
  • Dynamic mixing system, with high shear pump, for mixing toothpaste with silica powder. Turnkey project, including hoppers, electrical control, and touch screen control

Electrical panels and programming


We can offer you a turnkey project including one of our engineering solutions, with its resulting panel and electrical installation and programming of automatons and touch screens.

We handle most of the brands on the market: SIEMENS, ROCKWELL, SCHNEIDER, OMRON, etc.

Our solutions also include:

  • Automation of a process or machine
  • New electrical panel
  • SCADA control of your factory, or of a particular process


Piping / pipe installation


Our work as an engineering company is not limited only to the manufacture and welding of pipes (either on-site or in our workshops), but also includes the previous calculations and engineering, completion of isometric drawings, and supply and manufacture of the piping.

We are specialists in stainless steel; our welders are specialized in pipes for sanitary applications.

We can make pipes with double sleeves (for heating or cooling), and up to triple sleeves (including an isolation chamber).